Debra Lauricha

Debra Lauricha has been a dedicated volunteer for the American Lung Association in California since her participation in what was then called the San Bernardino Asthma Walk five years ago. Debra knows firsthand how dangerous lung disease, specifically asthma can be as two of her grandchildren are afflicted with the disease. Her teenage grandson was diagnosed with asthma at birth, while her 7-year-old granddaughter was born with breathing problems.

Debra’s commitment to the American Lung Association in California began when Omnitrans, a public transit agency for which Debra works, challenged employees to join their Asthma Walk team.  Since then, Debra has become an avid participant and volunteer for the Walk. Last month, Debra was a speaker at the San Bernardino Fight For Air Walk Kick-Off. She spoke passionately about the dangers of asthma and the importance of raising funds to find a cure for the disease. She also was the top fundraiser for the Walk, raising more than $2,000.

Debra still volunteers in any capacity needed, and is grateful for the asthma programs conducted by the organization to help children understand and manage asthma.  Her dedication and commitment to the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air is an asset to the American Lung Association in California.