Summer Camps for Children with Asthma



For more than 40 years, the American Lung Association in California has offered summer camps for children with asthma which combine a traditional summer camp experience with asthma education for children ages 8 -13. Our camps help children learn how to better control their disease while enjoying activities like hiking, swimming, and arts and crafts in a supportive environment. Physicians specializing in allergies and asthma, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and other health care professionals are in attendance 24-hours a day to provide routine and emergency treatment.  Medications are given on a strict schedule and arrangements are made for those with special dietary needs. 

To ensure that every qualified child can participate without financial burden, there is no camper fee to attend either camp.

Currently, the American Lung Association in California offers two asthma camps - the Southern California Asthma Management Program Camp (SCAMP Camp) held in Julian in the eastern San Diego County, and Camp Breathe Easy in Livermore, in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area.


scamp-camp-thumbSCAMP Camp
SCAMP Camp is a week-long camp held in Julian at the YMCA's Camp Marston and serves children between the ages of 8-13 from the City of Long Beach, Orange, Imperial and San Diego Counties. Particular attention is given to children from communities with the most need.  


camp-breathe-easy-smallCamp Breathe Easy
Camp Breathe Easy is a four-day/three-night summer camp in Livermore for children between the ages of 8 - 13. We believe that the summer camp experience is one that is not re-creatable in an urban environment. It provides unparalleled opportunities for fun, building self-esteem and skill-learning. Our mission is to provide our campers with the opportunity to participate in an experience that may not otherwise be available to them, as a child with asthma. Our program includes traditional camp activities as well as educational sessions on living better with asthma.

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