Asthma Programs

More than five million Californians have been diagnosed with asthma, including nearly one million children. Our asthma programs are designed to help kids and adults know more about and better manage their disease. We also provide training to people who can help us deliver these programs in schools, community settings, and the workplace.

Asthma 101

Asthma101Asthma 101 provides training for school personnel, parents, and childcare staff who take care of children with asthma. The trainings can be tailored for the audience, and it includes basic information about the disease, how to prevent its symptoms, and how to react in case of an emergency.

Asthma Educator Institute

asthma-educator-instituteThe Asthma Educator Institute (AEI) is a two-day professional development course to enhance the ability of health care professionals to provide guideline based asthma education for patients and their families. The curriculum covers EPR-3 guidelines and content outlined in the National Asthma Educators Certification Board (NAECB) Candidate Handbook to prepare individuals to take the Certified Asthma Educator exam. To learn more click here, or contact Laura Fultz Stout at 510-982-3151 or for more information.

Open Airways For Schools (OAS)

OASOpen Airways for Schools (OAS)® is a comprehensive approach to asthma education that teaches elementary schoolchildren (ages 8-11) how to manage their asthma on a daily basis so they can avoid asthma attacks and stay out of the emergency room. OAS is also designed to raise asthma awareness among parents/guardians, and to promote coordination between physicians, parents, and school officials. OAS is taught by a trained facilitator, who can be school personnel, parents, community volunteers or anyone interested in helping children learn about asthma. The American Lung Association in California offers training for those who are interested in becoming facilitators.

Kickin' Asthma

Kickin AsthmaKickin’ Asthma addresses the needs of kids afflicted with asthma aged 11-16 (6th – 10th grade) who are too old for our Open Airways for Schools program (OAS), but are not yet adults. The goal of Kickin’ Asthma is to empower kids to take control of their asthma so they can grow up with the skills needed to manage their symptoms and live a full and active life. The program is specially geared toward teens living in low-income neighborhoods who face social and economic challenges everyday. These teens often have higher rates of asthma and are more likely to end up in the emergency room. Like OAS, Kickin’ Asthma is taught by a trained facilitator who can be school personnel, parents, community volunteers, or anyone interested in helping teens learn how to take better control of their asthma. We also offer training for interested facilitators. To order a Kickin’ Asthma curriculum, which provides all the tools to teach Kickin’Asthma, or to learn more about the program, contact Laura Fultz Stout at 510-982-3151 or

Asthma Friendly Schools Initiative

The Asthma Friendly Schools Initiative provides tools and resources to assist local communities and schools plan and implement a comprehensive asthma program. The goal of this initiative is to improve indoor and outdoor air quality and address the major triggers for asthma.


Breathe Well, Live Well

BWLWBreathe Well, Live Well® is a comprehensive asthma management program for adults designed to reduce asthma-related illnesses and disabilities by building knowledge and self-management skills. This program can be offered anywhere asthma education is needed, including but not limited to hospitals, businesses, public health agencies, or community-based organizations. We also offer trainings for those who are interested in becoming facilitators for this program.

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