Air Quality

Californians breathe some of the worst air in the nation, with 90 percent of us living in areas with unhealthy air. Poor air quality compromises the lung health of children everyday. Because children are younger and their lungs are still growing, they have increased sensitivity to filtering and processing air pollution. Our programs are designed to inform you about the quality of air in your area, and provide you with steps you can take to improve it.

Air Quality Flag Program

air-quality-flag-programThe Air Quality Flag Program is a school-based educational program aimed to educate school staff of current air quality information. Participating schools are provided with free flags that serve as a visual communicator of daily air quality conditions in the area. The Air Quality Flag notification system corresponds directly to the air quality indicators and health descriptors of the Air Quality Index (AQI). The program also provides free education and materials about lung health and air quality.  

The flags are color-coded according to the official air quality index:

  • GREEN = The air quality in your area is expected to be GOOD that day.
  • YELLOW = MODERATE air quality.
  • ORANGE = The air quality is UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE people
    (like those with asthma or other lung diseases).
  • RED = UNHEALTHY air quality for everyone.

Schools are notified daily by their local air pollution control district about the air quality, so schools can fly the right colored flag. School officials can then opt to adjust their outdoor activities according to the level of air pollution to help protect the health of the children.

Kids for Clean Air

Kids for Clean AirKids for Clean Air is a curriculum that teaches students in the 2nd through8th grades how they can help improve air quality through conserving energy, recycling, and planting trees.

To learn more about the harmful effects of air pollution and how to protect yourself and your family, click here  


Blue Sky, Brown Sky... It's up to you!

This curriculum is divided into two sections for grades K-2 and grades 3-5. It is designed to introduce students to the causes and effects of air pollution and teach them behaviors that promote cleaner air. Through age-appropriate investigations and activities, students will understand the importance of clean air and learn that each person's individual efforts can make a difference.       

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