Submitting Signatures to Qualify the Cancer Research Act for the Ballot

Statement of Jane Warner, President and CEO, American Lung Association in California

Oakland, CA (June 30, 2010)

The American Lung Association in California is pleased to join with its health partners and Senator Perata to make this announcement -- we have succeeded in the monumental task of collecting enough signatures to qualify a truly life-saving initiative for the ballot.

I want to thank Senator Perata for his leadership in the development of the Cancer Research Act and for his tremendous support that has made this day possible. Were it not for his support throughout the campaign thus far, we would not be turning in these signatures today.

With these signatures, the American Lung Association pledges to engage its thousands of supporters across this state to campaign and pass the cancer research act in 2012. It won't be an easy fight as we will face an unscrupulous opponent with unlimited cash who knows that passage of the initiative will reduce their customer base and company profits.

The tobacco industry is still recruiting in California. Over the last decade, Big Tobacco spent 10 times as much marketing tobacco in California as the state did on tobacco education. When the California Cancer Research Act passes, it will provide critical funding for cancer research including advances in the detection and treatment of lung cancer, and triple the funding for smoking cessation and tobacco use prevention – preventing tens of thousands of children from becoming smokers, and helping thousands of smokers who want to quit.

The Cancer Research Act offers hope – for a world free of tobacco addiction, healthier children and a cure for cancer.