Statement by Marsha Ramos, Chair, American Lung Association in California Board of Directors on the California Air Resources Board Adoption of First Update to the AB 32 Scoping Plan

Sacramento, CA (May 22, 2014)

“The First Update to the AB 32 Scoping Plan is a critical milepost in the generational fight against climate change, which now threatens our air and the health of California's people, our environment and our economy. This plan expands the AB 32 roadmap toward a healthier, more sustainable future for all Californians.

Key elements of this update to California's landmark AB 32 Scoping Plan focus on transforming the transportation sector that accounts for the majority of climate pollution generated in our state. California's innovative technology-forcing standards are driving down pollution levels and consumer costs as more efficient and zero emission fuels and vehicle options become available. AB 32’s suite of clean technology and fuel standards, coupled with policies to encourage more sustainable communities with healthier walking, biking and transit alternatives to driving, provide a strong model in the critical, and expanding, fight against climate pollution.

The Scoping Plan Update also includes a more urgent focus on reducing harmful, but short-lived climate pollutants like black carbon and ozone, that rival carbon dioxide's climate damaging qualities while only remaining in the atmosphere for as little as days to weeks. These pollutants are deadly in local communities – especially disadvantaged communities near ports, rail yards, freeways and other hot spots – and accelerate climate change. Increasing Air Resources Board attention to these pollutants and to more sustainable freight technologies and operating practices will save lives and slow the pace of climate change.

The American Lung Association in California strongly supports the recommendation to include an interim, 2030 climate pollution reduction goal to help accelerate actions now and ensure ongoing momentum to achieve emissions reductions beyond 2020 and over the long term.

The American Lung Association in California is leading the public health campaign to fight climate change and ensure health protective rules to implement AB 32 remain strong for all Californians. Our Clean Air Saves Lives and Money Campaign brings together health and medical organizations and health professionals to promote strong state action for clean air and clean energy economy in California."

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