California Democratic Party Votes To Stop Prop 23

(July 19, 2010)


July 19, 2010

The California Democratic Party (CDP) unanimously voted on Sunday to oppose Proposition 23, the ballot measure being financed by Texas oil companies to suspend California's clean energy and air standards.
"The California Democratic Party opposes Prop 23 because it will kill jobs, increase air pollution, and undermine our transition to a clean energy economy," said Tim Allison, chairman of the CDP's Environmental Caucus. "The Texas oil companies' dirty energy proposition is bad for our economy, our air and our energy future."
The bipartisan opposition to Prop 23 continues to grow every day, and we welcome the California Democratic Party's vote to stop Prop 23. This is not a partisan issue; more than 400 businesses, organizations, and communities have already announced their efforts to help defeat this ballot measure, including the American Lung Association in California, AARP, and the California Professional Firefighters.