Broad Support for Pavley/Lara Bill for Deep Reductions in Climate Pollutants Post-2020

Sacramento, CA (February 20, 2014)

California Senators Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) and Ricardo Lara (D-Huntington Park/Long Beach) introduced SB 1125 Wednesday, which calls for deep cuts in greenhouse gases that are at the root of climate change as well as short-lived climate pollutants like black carbon and methane responsible for air quality and health impacts across the state. The bill builds on the success of California’s landmark climate and clean energy law, AB 32, and calls for extending the state’s climate pollution reduction plans beyond 2020.

Statements supporting the bill follow:

American Lung Association in California:
“The American Lung Association in California supports SB 1125 (Pavley) because it will strengthen California's efforts to transition to a clean energy economy that supports healthy air and lungs. Establishing mid-term goals for climate action will spur faster progress toward cleaner fuels and technologies and more sustainable communities that will benefit all Californians including millions of individuals suffering from asthma and other lung illnesses.”
- Kimberly Amazeen, Vice President for Programs and Advocacy

Asian Pacific Environmental Network:
“When the Chevron refinery explodes and pollutes our community, we know it's more than just carbon, so we support strengthening California's climate laws to tackle multiple types of climate pollution.” - Mari Rose Taruc, State Organizing Director

Breathe California:
“This legislation will keep California on track for a healthy future, by planning measures that reduce pollution and protect the air we breathe. Now is the time to begin planning beyond the 2020 target in California’s 2006 landmark climate protection law." - Andy Katz, Government Relations Director


California League of Conservation Voters:
“SB 1125 marks an important step forward towards implementation of AB 32, and a step forward for the next generation in climate leadership in the legislature. We commend Senators Lara and Pavley for their commitment to reduce near-term pollution impacts as well as their vision to set the course beyond 2020.  These efforts will support the clean energy and public health advances already realized through AB 32 programs and build toward a sustainable and healthy California for all of our communities.” – Sarah Rose, Chief Executive Officer


Californians Against Waste:
"AB 32 helped begin the transition California's waste management system from a major source of greenhouse gas emissions to a source of greenhouse gas reductions, while creating tens of thousands of jobs in the recycling, composting, and recycled-content manufacturing industries. However, there is much more that can be done to cut emissions from this sector, including short-lived methane, and support California manufacturers that reduce their carbon emissions by using recycled materials. SB 1125 is an important step in that direction." – Nick Lapis, Legislative Coordinator


Coalition for Clean Air:
"Senators Pavley and Lara are leading the way to a healthier, greener California that continues to clean up the emissions fouling our air and atmosphere." – Bill Magavern, Policy Director


Environmental Defense Fund:
“We applaud the Senators’ bold action – true leadership requires taking a near- and long-term view. Cutting short-lived climate pollutants is the most important thing we can do right now to slow the rate of climate change in the next few decades and address pressing public health concerns. At the same time, this proposal keeps the state at the forefront of innovation and climate leadership through 2020 and beyond.” – Lauren Faber, West Coast Political Director

The Greenlining Institute:
“Climate change disproportionately hurts low income communities, who also suffer higher rates of asthma, cancer, and other preventable illnesses tied to pollution. Sadly, our zip codes have more impact on our life expectancy than our genetic codes, and that's just not acceptable.  This bill helps make sure California continues setting the pace in creating environmental equity for all. ” – Vien Truong, Environmental Equity Director


Natural Resources Defense Council:
“Senators Pavley and Lara are taking a pivotal step to extend the success of California’s pioneering initiatives to combat climate change beyond 2020. Businesses and state planners are making investment decisions that will shape California’s energy landscape for decades to come. We need to act now to provide the right signal that a low carbon future is here to stay in California.”  – Alex Jackson, Legal Director, California Climate Project, Energy & Transportation Program


The Nature Conservancy:
“The time for more action on climate change is now. We commend senators Pavley and Lara for their critically important leadership today to tackle this global challenge.” – Louis Blumberg, Director of the California Climate Change Program


Physicians for Social Responsibility- Los Angeles:
“We applaud Senators Lara and Pavley for introducing this legislation as we need to take the next step in creating strong climate policies that reduce short lived climate pollutants. By doing so, we improve health outcomes at the community level, save health care dollars and cool the planet faster. A recent analysis shows that California can save up to $193 million and avoid 30,000 hospital admissions and ER visits with cleaner air. Reducing black carbon, methane, ozone and hydro fluorocarbons can also directly benefit low income and communities of color who are often more exposed to these pollutants.” – Martha Dina Argüello, Executive Director


Union of Concerned Scientists:
“SB 1125 inaugurates the next step to advance policies to further reduce emissions that cause both climate change and air pollution.  UCS strongly supports California’s on-going leadership on climate action, and we are happy to support Senators Lara and Pavley, both great champions of the kind of forward thinking policies we will need to address the issue of climate change as well as to improve the quality of life for all Californians.  We are especially pleased to see that this bill addresses short-lived climate pollutants like black carbon and methane as these reductions will do so much to improve public health in addition to addressing global warming.” – Adrienne Alvord, Director, California and Western States