Invest in Clean Air and Clean Energy

(October 1, 2012)

The American Lung Association in California applauds Governor Brown for signing two important bills which support California's clean air and climate program known as AB 32. Senate Bill 535 (de Leon) and Assembly Bill 1532 (Perez) direct new state revenue raised under the AB 32 Cap and Trade program to invest in clean air, public health, social equity, and a clean-energy economy. The American Lung Association in California supports these bills as key AB 32 strategies to reduce air pollution and the state's reliance on dirty fuels. Learn more about the two bills here.

Under the AB 32 Cap and Trade program, major polluters are required to buy emission permits which will generate significant new revenue for clean air programs. Together, AB 1532 and SB 535 set up a process for directing the revenue to important programs that reduce pollution, such as renewable energy, cleaner transportation technologies and smart growth planning, as well as specific investments in California’s most disadvantaged communities.

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