Key Advocacy Accomplishments

The American Lung Association in California…

·         Was the leading health organization helping to pass the landmark Assembly Bill 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act that requires significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors of the economy. (2006)

·         Helped pass Assembly Bill 1493, which requires car companies to make cleaner cars with extremely low emissions of greenhouse gases (2002)

·         Co-sponsored Proposition 99, which increased the state tobacco tax and directed a portion of the revenues to tobacco prevention and control programs.  This has led to 1 million fewer smokers, 60 percent reduction in tobacco consumption, lung cancer rates three to four times lower than other states and policies to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke. (1988)

·         Leading advocate for AB 13, which bans smoking in nearly all workplaces and public places in California, including restaurants, bars, and workplaces.  (1994)

·         Co-sponsored Senate Bill 25, the Children’s Environmental Health Act that requires state air quality standards to protect the most vulnerable among us, including children. (1999)

·         Co-sponsored Senate Bill 7, the Smoke Free Cars Law that prohibits smoking in cars when minors are present. (2007)

·         Co-sponsored AB 2132 that allows children with asthma to carry and use their asthma inhalers at school. (2004)

·         Helped pass AB 1867 that prohibits smoking at all playgrounds and tot lots. (2002)

·         Sponsored AB 752 that prohibits tobacco advertising billboards within 1,000 of a school or playground.  (1997)

·         Lead advocate in passage of AB 846 that prohibits smoking within 20 feet of main entrances, exits and operable windows of public buildings. (2003)

·         Secured first-ever state funding for asthma programs focusing on childhood asthma. (2004)

·         Sponsored AB 2276 that requires standards on indoor air cleaning devices to limit the ozone emitted from indoor air cleaning devices in order to protect public health. (2006)