Top Stories in the Fight For Air

January 28, 2012
San Jose Mercury News - California passes landmark rules to curb auto emissions

November 22, 2011
Los Angeles Daily News - Jane Warner and Wendy Gruel: Clean cars --- it's a California thing

November 16, 2011
Press Enterprise - AIR POLLUTION: Tougher standards would save lives, groups say

October 21, 2011
Sacramento Bee - California board approves cap and trade on carbon emissions

KQED Climate Watch -
Clearing the Air on Climate and Smog

September 22, 2011
San Francisco Chronicle - Boxer opposes House GOP move to stall EPA rules

August 22, 2011
San Francisco Chronicle - Cleaning the air would make asthma forgettable

May 13, 2011
USA Today - Study: reduced car smog will cut deaths, asthma

May 11, 2011

Los Angeles Times - Fuel-efficient vehicles could save $7.2 billion annually in California health costs

San Francisco Chronicle - Emissions: State urged to tighten tailpipe rules

Sacramento Bee - Tough Clean Car Standards would save California billions, study says

April 27, 2011

United Press International - So. Calif. still ranks high in pollution

Los Angeles Times - Air quality: Los Angeles, Bakersfield remain among U.S.'s most polluted cities, report says

San Francisco Chronicle - Air quality: Several Bay Area counties fail survey

San Diego Union Tribune - San Diego's air pollution among worst in nation

Bakersfield Californian - Bakersfield again no. 1 for particle pollution

Sacramento Bee - Lung group rates ozone here as 5th worst in U.S.

KPBS San Diego - Air Quality in San Diego Among Worst in Nation

San Jose Mercury News - Lung Association gives F to four Bay Area counties for air quality

Long Beach Press Telegram - Area gets F for air pollution

Orange County Register - Air pollution: LA-OC region still #1

Los Angeles Daily News - Just how bad is LA air? The worst

Fresno Bee - Report: Bakersfield, Hanford air worst of the worst

North County Times - Lung Association gives region 'F' on air quality

Marin Independent Journal - Marin scores an 'A' for air quality

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Santa Cruz County earns A for air quality

April 7, 2011
Bloomberg News - U.S. House Passes Repeal of EPA Carbon Rules Over White House Objections

New York Times - House Votes to Bar EPA from Regulating Industrial Emissions

March 25, 2011

The Sacramento Bee - Viewpoints: State can be the global leader on green jobs

March 23, 2011
The Oakland Tribune - Boxer Fires Back Against GOP Budget Plan

March 17, 2011
San Francisco Chronicle - EPA proposes limits on coal-fired plants' emissions

August 22, 2010
Sacramento Bee - Another View: No Serious Dispute Over Diesel's Role In Dirty Air

August 10, 2010
San Francisco Chronicle - New Report Impugns Texas Oil Companies Funding California Prop 23

August 4, 2010
Sacramento Bee - Judge Orders Rewording Of Initiative To Suspend California Climate Change Law

Los Angeles Times - Judge Changes Prop. 23 Ballot Description

July 30, 2010
The Desert Sun - AB 32: A Breath Of Fresh Air That Saves Money And Adds Jobs

The Bay Area Citizen - MTC Aims To Lower Emissions By 2035

July 26, 2010
San Francisco Chronicle - AB 32 To Face 2 Challenges on November Ballot

July 25, 2010
The Sun - Smog Check Needs Tune-Up

July 21, 2010
Sacramento Bee - California Delays Fee Tied To Climate Change Law

July 26, 2010
San Francisco Chronicle - AB 32 To Face 2 Challenges on November Ballot

July 25, 2010
The Sun - Smog Check Needs Tune-Up

July 21, 2010
Sacramento Bee - California Delays Fee Tied To Climate Change Law

July 19, 2010
The California Majority Report - California Democratic Party Votes To Stop Prop 23

June 28, 2010 - Motorcycle Muffler Bill Stirs Rumblings At Capitol

May 30, 2010
Santa Cruz Sentinel -David Pepper: Burning Wood For Home Heating Is Hazardous To Our Health

May 24, 2010
Cal Coast News - San Luis Obispo Scores High On Air Quality

May 17, 2010

MSN Health and Fitness - America’s Most Polluted Cities

May 14, 2010

Chico Enterprise - A Burning Issue: Scientists Take A Hard Look At Wood-Stove Emissions

May 11, 2010

Los Altos Town Crier - Local Resident Climbs For A Cause

Turlock Journal - County Air Quality One Of The Worst In The Nation

April 29, 2010 –  California Dominates Most-Polluted Cities List

La Opinion – Hispanos Sufren Más Por La Contaminación 

San Diego Union-Tribune – County’s Air Fails Smog Check, Report Says

April 28, 2010
The Bakersfield Californian – Bakersfield Again Rated Poor For Air Quality, Locals Highlight Improvements

The Fresno Bee – San Joaquin Valley’s Air Again Fails To Make Grade

The Huffington Post – Antonio Villaraigosa, State of the Air

Los Angeles times, The Sacramento Bee – Los Angeles Is Still The Nation’s Smoggiest City  

The Orange County Register -  Air Pollution: O.C. Gets ‘Fs’; L.A. Worst

The San Francisco Chronicle – Report: Most Americans Still Live In Unclean Air

San Jose Mercury News – Santa Cruz County Air Quality Rated Among The Best In The Nation

Ventura County Star – County Air Quality Better, But Still Gets F

April 3, 2010

Ventura County Star – The Price of Pollution