State of the Air 2012

What's the State of YOUR Air?


The State of the Air 2012 report grades cities and counties affected by the most widespread types of air pollution (ozone "smog" and particle pollution) recorded over a three-year period, and details trends for metropolitan areas over the past decade. The report ranks also both the cleanest and most polluted areas in the country.

While the State of the Air 2012 report shows tremendous progress for our state, it also serves to remind us that Californians continue to struggle with breathing clean air, as more than 90% of residents live in areas with unhealthy air.  

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State of the Air 2012
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Check out these key findings
California Grade Summary
Dirtiest Cities in California
Californians at Risk Due to Air Pollution

Fact Sheets
State of California
Greater Bay Area
Greater Sacramento Area
Central Coast and San Luis Obispo
San Joaquin Valley
Greater Los Angeles Area (includes San Bernardino and Riverside)
Greater San Diego Area

Trend Charts
Daily Particle Pollution Trend Charts
Annual Particle Pollution Trend Charts

Ozone Trend Charts

The maps provide a visual representation of the State of the Air 2011 and the State of the Air 2012 report grades for annual particle pollution, daily (short-term) particle pollution and ozone pollution.

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