2012 Healthy Growth Leaders

The American Lung Association in California's 2012 Healthy Growth Leaders are local elected officials and other leaders committed to supporting smart growth strategies that improve the health of their communities and the Southern California region. These leaders are championing healthier, safer and more active transportation choices to reduce asthma, obesity, and other chronic illnesses that place a heavy burden on our children, the elderly and other vulnerable populations.

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As a Healthy Growth Leader, you are showing that you support clean air and healthier neighborhoods in your community. The American Lung Association in California will recognize your efforts to promote healthy communities. Sign up today to:

  • Be listed on our 2012 Healthy Growth Leaders web page as a local leader making a positive difference for the health of their constituents.
  • Be recognized in an American Lung Association in California press release celebrating the efforts of local leaders to improve health through the SCS process (sign up by Monday, April 2 for inclusion in the release).

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Why Healthy Growth?

Southern Californians Want Healthy Growth. Recent polling shows that the majority of Southern California voters want healthier communities and transportation options:

  • 80% of Southern California voters support greater investment in public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.
  • By more than a two-to-one margin, voters prioritize expanding public transportation over expanding roads and highways.

Healthy Growth Saves Lives and Money. With investment in smart growth strategies that reduce traffic, the American Lung Association in California found that Southern California could avoid 16,000 asthma attacks, hundreds of thousands of respiratory symptoms and hundreds of premature deaths due to reduced vehicle emissions. Our region could avoid over $16 billion in health and other societal costs between now and 2035.

Healthy Growth Leaders support smart growth principles that improve public health: bike-walk-sign

  • Adopting a strong, health-promoting Sustainable Community Strategy for the Southern California region.
  • Increasing opportunities for active transportation including bicycling and walking. 
  • Advocating for sufficient new revenue sources to fund increased transit and walking and biking viable transportation choices.
  • Promoting transit oriented development and increased access to mass transit.
  • Improved infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Tracking progress in reducing air pollution and related illnesses through reductions in vehicle trips.
  • Reducing pollution from goods movement through implementation of zero-emission goods movement strategies as well as cleaner trucks and equipment.

What can a Healthy Growth Leader do to improve public health in Southern California?

  • Pass a Resolution of Support for Healthy Growth: Pass a resolution of support at your local city, county, local Council of Governments (COG), metropolitan planning organization, or planning stakeholder organization. Click here for a Draft Healthy Growth Resolution.
  • Speak Up For Healthy Growth: Attend the Southern California Association of Government's (SCAG) committee and regional council meetings, or local Council of Governments (COG) meetings, as a member or interested party and express your support for healthy growth as a focus of the Sustainable Communities Strategy for Southern California.
  • Educate Your Community: Inform your community, local constituents, and local community organizations and media outlets about your commitment to smart growth policies, and the important connection between smart growth and public health.
  • Make Healthy Growth Decisions: Support healthy growth in your community by actively supporting local and regional projects and policies that promote active transportation, focus development near transit corridors and other strategies that follow healthy growth principles.

American Lung Association in California's Information for Healthy Growth Leaders: