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clean-cars-smallCalifornians breathe the worst air in the nation, with 90 percent of us living in areas with unhealthy air. Numerous scientific studies have linked air pollution to lung cancer, worsening asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes, and even early death.

Motor vehicle emissions present both immediate and long lasting threats to public health. Smog and fine particle emissions generated by the combustion of petroleum fuels cause immediate and lifelong respiratory impacts while greenhouse gases emitted today will continue to threaten respiratory health for generations to come.  The American Lung Association in California has for decades led the way to improve air quality, successfully promoting policies to reduce passenger vehicle emissions.

The Road to Clean Air

“The Road to Clean Air” is a new report by the American Lung Association in California showing that California could avoid $7.2 billion in health and societal costs and reduce all major air pollution-related health impacts by 70 percent if the state adopts a strong set of new passenger vehicle standards, which are being drafted now. According to the new study, strong clean car standards could significantly benefit human health by cutting smog-forming pollutants, particulates, greenhouse gas emissions, and by implementing a strong zero emission vehicle requirement. Click here to read the full report.

The Road to Clean Air II

This report builds on the American Lung Association in California's 2011 Road to Clean Air study that quantified the clean air and public health benefits of moving forward with strong next generation clean car standards in California. By focusing on California's Zero Emission Vehicle program, this new data demonstrates the benefits of enacting a strong advanced technology mandate to cut harmful pollutants in pursuit of California's air quality and climate goals.

Update Clean Car Standards

The California Air Resources Board is currently developing its Advanced Clean Car standards, which update and link several existing programs aimed at reducing pollution from vehicles, including the Low-Emission Vehicle program, the Zero-Emission Vehicle program and the “Pavley” greenhouse gas emission reduction program. All three standards are critical to reduce the level of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions that passenger vehicles sold in California will generate through model year 2025.

Jane Warner, President and CEO of the American Lung Association in California is co-chair of the California Clean Cars Campaign. To learn more, please visit

"Urgent Care: Medical Support for Clean Air" by California Clean Cars Campaign Co-Chair Jane Warner, President and CEO of the American Lung Association in California. This article highlights the role of health professionals in the drive for clean cars, and was featured in the June edition of the Southern California Physician, the journal of the Los Angeles County Medical Association (   

Help put California on the Road to Clean Air
Please take a moment to support strong motor vehicle standards and join with hundreds of Californians in demanding clean air for generations to come. Click here to view and sign the American Lung Association in California's clean cars petition. With your support, we can put California on the Road to Clean Air.

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