Protect AB 32

Health and medical leaders fight to protect California's clean air policies

The American Lung Association in California urges health and medical leaders from throughout California to join us in reminding policy makers that clean air saves lives and money.

Richard Jackson, MD, MPH


"Climate change is happening, and happening faster than we thought. It is critical that health leaders step up to educate the public and policy makers on the need to do more to protect public health."

Richard Jackson, MD, MPH

Former Director, CDC's National Center for Environmental Health
Professor/Chair, Envl Health Sciences, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health (affiliation purposes only)


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Health and Economic Benefits of AB 32

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We are proud that for the past four decades, our state has led the nation in developing clean technologies to ratchet down harmful air pollution and reduce the sickness and death linked to smog and soot. California's efforts led to many advances, ranging from the first catalytic converters to
hybrid electric and battery electric vehicles and
cleaner-burning transportation fuels. All of these accomplishments are resulting in direct health benefits and healthcare savings to California communities and sets California on the path to kicking its addiction to dirty oil.

mother-child-oil-refineryCalifornians overwhelmingly voted in 2010 to affirm the state's leadership in creating cleaner air and a clean energy economy, defeating an oil industry initiative to overturn our ground-breaking Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). Despite that victory of clean air over corporate pollution, we must remain vigilant to ongoing efforts by oil companies and other industrial polluters that would weaken or delay AB 32 and other vital clean air programs that protect public health and reduce health care costs.

Online Sign-Up Form and Campaign Statement
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Please join the American Lung Association in California and other health and medical organizations to call on California's elected leaders to uphold our clean air laws by:

  • Promoting AB 32 and California's leadership in setting strong clean air standards to transition California to a clean energy economy and protect public health.
  • Supporting California's innovative and life-saving programs to implement AB 32 including: Advanced Clean Cars, Low Carbon Fuel Standard, SB 375 Sustainable Communities planning efforts and other key clean air programs.
  • Fighting efforts to weaken, delay or otherwise undermine California's clean air and clean energy standards.

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