The American Lung Association in California is committed to fighting for your right to breathe clean and healthy air.  We do this by working with state and local leaders on issues that impact your lung health – from creating smoke-free environments, enhancing tobacco prevention and control programs, reducing air pollution and global warming, and improving health care, we are helping California become a healthier place to live in. 

Fight For Tobacco Control     

The American Lung Association in California has helped pass some of the toughest anti-tobacco laws in the country, and fights against tobacco industry efforts to get more people addicted to nicotine. More>> 

Fight For Air Quality

Californians breathe some of the most polluted air in the nation, with 90 percent of us living in areas with unhealthy air. Every year, 9,200 Californians die prematurely due to poor air quality. Numerous scientific studies have linked poor air quality to lung diseases such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, as well as increased hospitalizations for breathing problems.

The American Lung Association in California is leading the way to improve air quality by successfully promoting policies to reduce car and truck emissions, diesel soot from trucks, buses, ports, and off-road diesel equipment. Healthy air for everyone, inside and out, is our goal. More>>

Climate Change 

Climate change is real and the time to act is now. Climate change poses a serious threat to our environment, and it puts human health at risk. Rising temperatures will most likely lead to more air pollution, which means serious threats to lung health such as an increase and worsening of asthma attacks and hospital visits for breathing problems. More>>

Key Advocacy Accomplishments

The American Lung Association in California has a successful track record of passing legislation to help future generations breathe easier tomorrow. Click here to learn more.

Join our Action Network!

Make your voice be heard on key issues that impact your lung health. You can take a leading role in eliminating tobacco, cleaning up our air, or reducing the threat of climate change. Sign up today and join us in the fight for air.