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The American Lung Association in California saves lives and improves the health of Californians and their lungs. Through research, education and advocacy, we fight to reduce smoking, keep the air we breathe clean, prevent and treat lung diseases such as asthma and COPD, and eliminate lung cancer.

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Get Involved!

When you join the American Lung Association in California, you help save lives today and keep Americans healthy tomorrow.  You can make a difference in the lives of those affected with lung disease by contributing your time, funds, expertise, or ideas. Here’s how:


We are committed to fight for your right to breathe clean and healthy air. Throughout California, we work with state and local leaders on issues that impact your lung health. From reducing air pollution and global warming to preventing and treating lung disease, we are helping California become a healthier place to live in. Learn more about our advocacy efforts here.  

To help us in this fight, join our Action Network and sign up to be an e-advocate.


We rely on your generous donations to make our work possible. Your support goes a long way in the fight for healthy air and healthy lungs. It provides education and support to people with lung disease such as asthma, COPD, and lung cancer, prevents others from getting afflicted with the disease, and secures policies to keep California’s air healthy. You can help us by donating today.


Fundraising Events

If you like to climb, walk, or ride for a good cause, the American Lung Association in California’s fundraising events are for you. Make a difference today. It will reward you in more ways than one. 


If you are dealing with a lung disease, our programs are designed to help you. We provide workshops and activities to educate those who are dealing with asthma and COPD. For example, children of all ages can learn about managing their asthma in a fun way through our Kickin’ Asthma and Open Airways for Schools programs. Adults with the disease are also encouraged to learn how to reduce asthmatic episodes and live a full and active life through our Breathe Well, Live Well program. Support groups for those dealing with COPD are also available through our Better Breathers Clubs.   For adults who want to quit smoking, Freedom From Smoking Online is the program for you. To learn more about being a participant or facilitator for any of our programs, click here. 


The American Lung Association in California counts on volunteers to become involved, engaged and impassioned by and for our mission. We need your skills and expertise to aid us in the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air. Your involvement is crucial to our success. To learn more about volunteering for us, click here