In-School Asthma Programs

School GirlAsthma 101
Effective management of asthma at school can help promote a supportive learning environment. Asthma management may reduce disruption in the classroom, provide necessary support in an emergency, and encourage students to actively participate in all school activities. The Asthma 101 in-service program was developed to address these issues.

Asthma 101 is a one-hour educational program presented by trained health care professionals to school personnel providing information on:

  • The prevalence of asthma
  • Basic signs and symptoms of asthma
  • Common triggers found in the school environment
  • Basic management of an acute asthma episode
  • Asthma medications and delivery devices
  • Asthma management and monitoring tools

Open Airways For SchoolsOpen Airways for Schools
Open Airways for Schools is an award-winning program designed to help elementary school children manage their asthma. This innovative program has been a documented success in thousands of elementary schools across the country, including right here in Arizona.

Open Airways for Schools uses an interactive teaching approach to promote the kids' involvement in the program. During six, 40-minute lessons facilitated by school staff or trained ALAA volunteers, the kids take part in group discussions, stories, games, and role-playing. Program components include:

  • An illustrated curriculum with an accompanying script to guide instructors through the lessons;
  • An instructor's guide with tips on how to optimize the kids' learning experience throughout the program;
  • A poster flip chart featuring color posters keyed to each lesson; and
  • Reproducible handouts for children and parents.

If you are interested in bringing Open Airways for Schools into your school, please download the Open Airways for Schools interest form and return it to the American Lung Association.

If you are interested in becoming an Open Airways for Schools facilitator, please download the Facilitator Interest Form and return it to the American Lung Association. Facilitator trainings are typically held twice each year.

If you have further questions, please call our office at 602-258-7505.