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Freedom From Smoking® teaches proven techniques and offers personal support to help your employees quit for good. Behavior change is a process. By helping smokers develop a plan of action leading up to quit day and providing the support they need to remain smoke free, this time honored program maximizes the chances of success.

Choose Freedom From Smoking® for your employees for unmatched flexibility and results!

Freedom From Smoking® has three delivery options: online, telephone counseling and in-person clinics.

  • Freedom From Smoking Online® is a self paced program ideal for off-site employees or smokers who prefer this method of learning.
  • The Lung HelpLine is a telephone option is staffed by certified counselors who are registered nurses and respiratory therapists with extensive training and experience in smoking cessation programs.
  • The in-person clinic option is delivered in a small group setting to give participants personalized attention and the support of their peers. A clinic is eight sessions over a seven week period and includes lectures, group discussion and skill practice.

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Download the Freedom From Smoking® brochure (PDF) and overview (PDF) documents for additional information on these programs.

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