The Lung Association has been leading the fight against asthma for many years, through research, education and advocacy. Learning more about the disease is the first step in helping children and adults with asthma breathe easier.



Asthma Basics - Lungropolis

Asthma Basics is a 50-minute online learning tool that helps people learn about asthma. The course is ideal for anyone with asthma, parents, caregivers, friends, and family. Participants learn to:

  • Recognize and manage asthma symptoms
  • Identify and reduce asthma triggers
  • Understand the value of an Asthma Action Plan
  • Respond to a breathing emergency

Asthma Basics includes videos and printable documents, plus animation that shows what happens to the airways during an asthma episode. To learn more, visit or download a flyer:

Lungtropolis Flyer

Asthma 101

This education presentation provides a general overview of asthma. Topics covered include: basic asthma knowledge, asthma triggers, symptoms, emergency response.

Upcoming Classes

  • Houston: Asthma 101
    Free asthma education program provided to increase community asthma awareness, assist in the understanding of triggers, signs, and symptoms of asthma, and teach specific plans of action to use during an asthma episode.

Breathe Well, Live Well

This adult asthma management program is designed to reduce asthma morbidity and hospitalizations. Adults are given indepth asthma education to learn how to better manage and control their disease. Learn more.

Counting on You…Responding to Kids with Asthma

This is a fun interactive program designed for childcare providers and others that care for children with asthma. This program provides a general asthma overview, information on asthma medications and treatments, environmental asthma triggers. The program includes an indoor environmental assessment in order to identify potential asthma triggers.

Open Airways for Schools

Open Airways for Schools is an asthma education curriculum designed for youth aged 8-11 with a diagnosis of asthma; this research based “best practice” program is highly interactive to teach children how to manage and control their disease. Topics include: understanding normal vs. asthmatic breathing, recognizing early warning signs, taking medications, communication and more.

 Learn more or

Camp Superkids 

Camp Superkids is a summer residential camp for Nebraska children 7 to 14 with moderate to severe asthma.  The Lung Association provides 24-hour care through an asthma and allergy specialist physician, experienced nurses and respiratory therapists.  YMCA camp staff provide hiking, swimming, crafts, horse-riding and other adventures so central to a summer camp experience.  Daily asthma education sessions help keep the children in school and on the playground where they belong, instead of in the hospital or doctor’s office. 

In 2014, Camp Superkids will be June 8-14 at YMCA’s Camp Kitaki near South Bend. 

For more information, contact the camp director,, or 402-502-4950.

Camp Wheeze-Away

Camp Wheeze-Away is a special week-long summer camp designed for Mississippi children, ages 8 – 12, with moderate to severe asthma. It is hosted and sponsored by the American Lung Association, Plains-Gulf Region in an effort to provide a fun summer and educational camp experience for children who are not able to attend “regular” summer camp. Our goal is to provide a safe camp environment for 48 children and to improve their asthma self-management and control by incorporating educational activities into all portions of the camp. Children benefit from the fun and social interaction with other kids, increase their confidence and independence, enhance their ability to cope with their asthma, and find positive role models from adult volunteers and counselors. Asthma educators and physicians teach maintenance techniques on how to recognize signs and symptoms and to control asthma triggers.

Location: Camp Wesley Pines, Gallman, MS
Dates: Monday, July 21 - Wednesday July 23, 2014

Contact: Amy Ellis, Camp Director, 

Asthma in Mississippi

Strategic Planning for Addressing Asthma in MS: The Mississippi State Asthma Plan 2011-2015 was developed through the work of the American Lung Association, the Mississippi State Department of Health and Asthma Coalition of Mississippi. The plan will guide efforts to reduce the burden of asthma and associated cost. This document can be used to make sure anyone with an interest in asthma knows what needs to be done in Mississippi to make an impact on citizens who are affected by the disease. Learn more.