American Lung Association Asthma Resources

(February 6, 2014)

As parents, you want to keep your child safe. The American Lung Association has created a number of resources to help you and your child learn how to manage asthma, so you can both breathe easier. Help is a click away!

Asthma Basics: Asthma Basics is a 50-minute online learning tool that helps people learn about asthma. The course is ideal for anyone with asthma, parents, caregivers, friends, and family.

Lung Helpline: The American Lung Association Lung HelpLine provides professional, unlimited, and effective counseling to improve the health of individuals and organizations. 1-800-LUNG-USA

Lungtropolis: If you have a child with asthma, Lungtropolis is the web site to visit together. You’ll find action-packed games designed to help kids control their asthma — plus advice for parents like you.

Inhaler Technique Videos: Watch these American Lung Association videos to learn the correct way to use your asthma inhalers including a metered dose inhaler (MDI), Autohaler, Twisthaler Flexhaler, Aerolizer, Discus, and MDI with a spacer.

Quitter in You: Secondhand smoke is an asthma trigger so quitting smoking will help prevent your child from having an asthma episode. Are you ready to make the commitment to quit smoking? That’s half the battle. Our proven tools, tips and support can help you end your addiction to tobacco and begin a new, smokefree phase of your life.

Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative: The Asthma Friendly Schools Initiative provides a framework and tools that communities and schools can use to work together on a comprehensive approach to asthma management, including planning tools, policy recommendations, and education programs.

Get the latest information at Visit our web site to learn more about asthma and asthma control, including:

  • Making the most of your child’s medical visits
  • Creating an asthma management plan
  • Understanding your child’s asthma medications
  • Monitoring your child’s asthma symptoms
  • Reducing asthma triggers and creating asthma-friendly environments at home and at school

The Enhancing Asthma Care Project in OK & TX is supported by Health Care Service Corporation’s Healthy Kids, Healthy Families Initiative and lead by the American Lung Association in Oklahoma & Texas. This joint initiative aims to work with 30 clinics that serve high-risk populations to improve pediatric asthma care to an estimated 30,000 children in OK & TX.