Clean Air Coalitions

The American Lung Association is engaged in a collaborative effort to address a grave reality:  6 out of 10 Americans are exposed to unhealthy levels of air pollution. There is a direct connection between pollution and lung health.

We understand that there are many players in the clean air arena and that our voice is stronger when we can develop substantive partnerships. Our Clean Air Coalitions allow us to have a broader reach and, therefore, an increased effect on the general public.

Our coalitions strive to spread awareness of regional air quality issues,  promote activities to reduce air pollution emissions, increase participation from regional employers and institutions in emissions reduction activities, and encourage responsible decision making that incorporates air quality considerations.

We believe that by working together, we can more quickly achieve our clean air goals.

Clean Air Coalitions

St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership
Since it debuted in 1995, the St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership has held steadfast to its mission: to increase awareness of regional air quality issues and to encourage activities to reduce air pollution emissions. Operating as a public-private partnership, 1,500+ area businesses, organizations, schools, hospitals and government agencies are currently working with The Partnership to aid in this mission.

The Partnership is best known for its daily air quality forecasting, which takes place over the summer months and is designed to engage the public in the regional clean air effort. A key initiative includes encouraging citizens to choose alternatives to driving alone, such as carpooling and taking mass transit, since these options can drastically reduce emissions and have many benefits for participants, too. We also encourage area residents to take steps at home and at work to reduce emissions, and work with employers on clean air programs for their workplace.

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North Texas Clean Air Action Network
The Clean Air Action Network debuted in 2010 in North Texas integrating lung health into the clean air discussion of energy use, energy production and energy alternatives. The goal of the coalition is not only to increase awareness but educate elected officials and community leaders on the importance of outdoor and indoor air quality for lung health. Legislatively the coalition defended funding for two key state incentive programs that remove the highest polluting vehicles on and off road and replaces them with cleaner alternatives. We are building our coalition capacity everyday with members from health advocacy, private, government and community sectors in our actions to change behavior voluntarily and legislatively.

Houston Clean Air Network
The Houston Clean Air Network (Houston CAN) is a coalition of clean air advocates and health, science and environmental professionals representing businesses, government agencies, schools, community groups and the general public. Houston CAN meets monthly to address air quality issues in the greater Houston region through innovative and collaborative projects. Houston CAN strives to make the air we breathe in the Houston metropolitan area healthier by encouraging and providing recognition for best practices, increasing air pollution awareness and promoting healthy choices regarding indoor and outdoor air.

Oklahoma Clean Air Coalition 
The Oklahoma Clean Air Coalition (OCAC) brings together clean air advocates, from not only our traditional health partners, but businesses, government and environmental agencies, along with other civic and community groups.  This coalition works together on projects, educational opportunities and advocacy to make a difference in the air we breathe.  The OCAC will help improve the health of Oklahomans, by encouraging public and personal responsibilities, giving recognition for best practices, increasing air quality awareness and promoting healthy choices regarding indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Clean Air Action Network of Central and South Texas
Launched in 2010, the Clean Air Action Network of Central Texas is focused on creating awareness and dialogue on outdoor air quality issues as they relate directly to lung health in Travis County and the surrounding areas. Working together with elected officials, business and community leaders, the coalition works on issues that encompass energy alternatives, pollution reduction best practices, increasing outdoor air quality awareness. In 2011, the Clean Air Action Network was expanded to cover Bexar County and the surrounding areas.