Occupational Health Policy Statement

Policy Principle on Occupational Health

The American Lung Association supports efforts directed at identifying, eliminating and, when eliminating is not possible, controlling occupational and other environmental health hazards, particularly as they relate to respiratory disease. The objective of the occupational health program is the prevention of lung disease through the identification, elimination and, when elimination is not possible, control of exposure to potential lung health hazards in the workplace.

The American Lung Association supports the strengthening of existing programs and the implementation of new programs that prevent occupational lung diseases.

The American Lung Association supports workers’ right-to-know about air quality, pollution emissions and environmental hazards in their community and workplace. The American Lung Association supports right-to-know laws, public education and awareness efforts, and other measures to accomplish this objective.

Victims’ Rights
The American Lung Association supports preserving all available avenues for workers to bring actions to seek compensation for and protection from injury and/or disease attributable to environmental or occupational exposure. The civil justice system's ability to address misconduct and protect public health must not be preempted. The American Lung Association supports alternative systems, using sound scientific and medical criteria to determine injury, that allow full and fair compensation for victims, so long as those systems are completely voluntary and do not diminish legal rights.

Whistleblower Protection
The American Lung Association supports strengthening the protection for workers who expose employer violations of Occupational Safety and Health laws and regulations by providing the full range of compensatory and punitive damages.