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We are committed to fight for your right to breathe clean and healthy air. Throughout the Plains-Gulf Region, we work with state and local leaders on issues that impact your lung health. From reducing air pollution to preventing and treating lung disease, we are helping your state become a healthier place to live in. Learn more about our advocacy efforts here.

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When you become a member of the Lung Action Network, you will unite with others throughout the Plains-Gulf region who fight for lung health issues. As an Lung Action Network member, you are alerted by email when your help is needed and sample materials are provided in order to send correspondence directly to your legislators and other targeted officials. It is a simple way to make a difference.

Join Today! Your involvement is crucial to the fight against lung disease and will help save lives. 

Public Policy Position Statements

The American Lung Association has effectively furthered our mission through public policy for nearly 100 years. We use advocacy as a tool to improve health at the local, state and federal levels. Click on your area of interest below to read our Public Policy pages.

Asthma Policy

Environmental Health Policy

Lung Health Policy

Occupational Health Policy

Research Policy

Tobacco Policy

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