Woodstove Changeout Program - Southern New Hampshire

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Due to overwhelming response, this program is no longer accepting applications.

How much are the vouchers worth?

  • Switch from a non-EPA certified woodstove to a new woodstove, get $1,000.
  • Get $1,500 for a new pellet  stove or gas stove.
  • Get $2,000 for the retrofit of an existing woodstove with a new catalyst or retrofit of an existing hydronic heater with new cleaner components.
  • Get $3,000 if you receive Medicaid, are participating in the Low Income Heating Assistance Program or the Womens Infant and Childrens nutrition program.
  • Get $4,000 if you are switching from a hydronic heater.

See the benefits of each stove type

    How do I qualify?

    You must meet the following criteria:

    • Be a resident of Hillsborough, Merrimack or Rockingham counties
    • Own a residence in one of these counties
    • Currently be using a non-EPA certified woodstove or older hydronic boiler. Coal stove replacements are NOT included.
    • Agree to turn in your old stove and replace it with a new EPA Certified wood, pellet or gas stove.
    • Have the stove professionally installed by a participating retailer who will assure that the stove installation meets all appropriate building and safety codes (no do-it-yourself installations)

    Fact Sheet

    Participating Retailers

    For more information contact 1-800-586-4872.