FAQ - Cheshire County, New Hampshire

Background:  This project is a result of an agreement between New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and Bridgewater Power Company to best meet their emission requirements. This project will significantly improve air quality in the region by replacing old, high polluting and inefficient wood stoves with new EPA Certified wood, pellet and gas stoves.

What does the program do?

Under this program you can receive a cash voucher for a discount on the purchase of a new wood, pellet or gas stove when you turn in your old (pre-1990) non-EPA certified woodstove.  Coal stoves are NOT included in this program.  The program limits to one voucher per household.  Workplaces  and rental properties are not eligible for this program.

How much are the vouchers worth?

If you switch from a non EPA certified woodstove to a new wood stove the voucher is worth $1000; if trading in for a new pellet stove or gas stove it is $1500; if you receive Medicaid (state insurance), are qualified for the Low Income Heating Assistance Program or the Women Infant and Children nutrition program it is $3000.

How do I know if I can qualify for the program?

  • Be a resident and homeowder of Cheshire County, New Hampshire ;
  • Currently be using an older (pre-1990) non-EPA certified woodstove;
  • Agree to turn in your old stove and replace it with a new EPA Certified wood, pellet or gas stove;
  • Have the stove professionally installed by a participating retailer who will assure that the stove installation meets all appropriate building and safety codes (no do-it –yourself installations).

How do I apply?

Later this spring we will officially launch this project with a press event and lots of publicity.  Application forms are available here, at participating retailers or by calling the Helpline 800-548-8252.

Will the voucher cover the entire cost?

Probably not. But that also depends on the specific stove you select and other factors like the condition of your chimney, hearth etc. 

What are some of the benefits of participating?

There are many benefits beyond the obvious one of getting a financial incentive for the purchase.  New stoves are much more efficient which means that if you buy wood you will use less of it for the same amount of heat.  Another direct benefit is improved indoor air quality.  Some studies have shown that new stoves reduce indoor air pollutants by 70%. There are also indoor air benefits of switching from wood to pellets or gas especially if you no longer need to store wood inside your home.

How can I find out if my local woodstove dealer is participating? 

Call your dealer and ask them or call the Helpline at 800-548-8252. A list is also available online.

What if my local woodstove retailer is not participating yet, can they still join?

The project is open to all retailers who agree to follow the requirements of the project.  Interested retailers should call Michelle Edwards at 888-241-6566, ext 0304.