Woodstove Changeout Program Details

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How much are the vouchers worth?

  • Switch from a non-EPA certified wood stove to a new EPA certified wood stove, get $1,000.
  • Switch from a hydronic heater to a new EPA certified wood stove, get $1,500.
  • Get $2,000 for a new EPA certified pellet  stove or gas stove.
  • Get $300 for the retrofit of an existing non-EPA certified catalyst or hydronic heater.
  • Get $3,000 for a EPA certified wood, pellet or gas stove, or indoor gas furnace if you receive Medicaid, are participating in the Low Income Heating Assistance Program or the Womens Infant and Childrens nutrition program.
  • Get $4,000 if you are switching from a hydronic heaterfor a new EPA phase II (EPA qualified) hydronic heater (OWB) or indoor gas furnace.

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    How do I qualify?

    You must meet the following criteria:

    • Be a resident of one of the following counties:
      • Connecticut counties: New London and Windham
      • Massachusetts counties: Bristol, Norfolk and Plymouth
      • Rhode Island counties: Bristol, Kent, Newport, Providence and Washington
    • Own a residence in one of these counties
    • Currently be using a non-EPA certified wood stove or older hydronic heater. Coal stove replacements are NOT included.
    • Agree to turn in your non-EPA certified stove to a participating retailer and replace it with a new EPA Certified wood, pellet or gas stove.
    • Have the stove professionally installed by a participating retailer who will assure that the stove installation meets all appropriate building and safety codes (no do-it-yourself installations)

    Fact Sheet

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    List of Participating Retailers

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    For more information contact 1-800-548-8252.