SusieQ FitLife

Susie Wong, affectionately known by her fans as SusieQ, is an “armed celebrity fitness trainer,” fitness clothing designer and the creator of a popular SusieQ FitLife fitness DVD.  She is the founder of SusieQ FitLife, LLC and has appeared on shows like Today, Good Morning America and even The Dr. Oz show.  What some may not know about SusieQ is that she’s been a loyal friend and volunteer for the American Lung Association for the past six years. 

Susie first became involved with the Lung Association after meeting a staff member at a spin class she was leading; she quickly became one of the organization’s greatest supporters. Ask anyone who’s been at the New York City Fight for Air Walk in Battery Park or the Fight for Air Climb at One Penn Plaza and they will tell you that SusieQ brings a unique brand of energy that, quite simply, cannot be replicated by anyone else.  Whether she’s leading participants in the warm-up exercises pre-event or speaking one-on-one with participants, staff or volunteers she meets, SusieQ’s passion for the Lung Association’s mission shines through. 

“Every year since the first Battery Park walk I participated in, I have marked my calendar with the date of the following year’s event as soon as I know it so that I can be there,” says SusieQ.  “While thankfully I do not personally suffer from lung disease, I have met so many people who do and it’s important for me to be there for them and support them as we work together to find better treatments and cures for lung disease and advocate for cleaner, healthier air. For me, fitness has been my work and my life’s passion and volunteering for the Lung Association has been another way for me to give back and share my love for health and fitness.”

We are grateful to be able to count on SusieQ to give her time and talent at our New York City events year after year. We are honored to showcase her as our Volunteer in the Spotlight this month.

Want to get motivated to Get a FitLife AND help the Lung Association Fight for Air?  Join us and SusieQ at One Penn Plaza on Saturday, February 9, 2013.  Click here to learn about how you can Fight for Air with Susie Q.  You’ll not only be helping improve the lives of the 2.5 million New Yorkers living with lung disease, you’ll have a great time and leave the event more motivated than ever to Get a FitLife!