Linda Mendonca

Linda Mendonca is the Chair of the Rhode Island Leadership Board and an ALANE Board of Director member.  Linda’s volunteer work for the ALA began in 2008.

Linda has been a school nurse for 19 years and is currently at an urban Jr.  high school in RI.

She has been a member of the crisis team for the Peak the Plaza stairclimb held in Providence, RI.   In October 2012, her interview on Air Quality in Schools, School Bus Idling was posted on Moms Clean Air Force website. Linda’s passion is helping clean up the school environment through her work with asthmatic children. Taking it one step further, if the school air quality is good, all children and staff have a better learning and working environment.  She says it is a fundamental nursing approach. Florence Nightingale was all about environmental health.  Cleaning up the environment gets us back to the basics in terms of nursing

Linda has been involved with the American Red Cross, Ombudsman program, Boy Scouts, Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Visiting Nurse.  She is currently involved in the RI Asthma Control Coalition and is Chair of the Asthma in Schools Committee.  She has been instrumental in securing funds for nonviolence training, “Get Up and Go” before school program, “Breakfast Anytime” program and Fitness Center.

Linda has been the recipient of many honors and awards which includes Pawtucket Prevention Coalition Academy Award, Governor’s Wellness Citation for morning physical activity program,  Johnson and Johnson School Nurse Fellowship program and RI School Nurse –Teacher of the Year.