Geovanny Santistevan

Geovanny Santistevan first reached out to the American Lung Association of the Northeast in 2012 while he was as student of York College in Queens, New York. Geovanny recognized the many parallels between his own life and the mission of the American Lung Association;  In addition to graduating with a degree in health education and suffering for many years as an asthmatic, he had a passion for helping others and felt the need to step up to the cause as an advocate of healthy lungs.
During his time as an American Lung Association volunteer, Geovanny (“Geo”) has helped our NYC office in every aspect.  He has participated in the Fight for Air Walk and Climbs over the years, promoting and fundraising through word of mouth and social media.   He has been pivotal in sending out mass mailings, event incentive packaging and prospective climber solicitations.  Geo has consistently volunteered at the New York City office a few times a week to assist with all projects including mailings, event incentive packaging, and prospective climber solicitation.  Geovanny was instrumental in targeting every fire department in New York, over 50 fitness centers in the NYC metropolitan area.  He has proven that he can excel at any assignment given and will complete each one with gusto.  Geo is one of the most dependable volunteers that we have and it truly is a pleasure working with him.