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The Vermont State Nurses Association, the Vermont Medical Society, the Vermont Academy of Pediatrics and the Vermont Academy of Family Physicians are teaming up with the American Lung Association in Vermont in support of H.70, a bill that would restrict smoking in vehicles in the presence of children under 18.

Will you join us in protecting children from secondhand smoke? Act now and sign our petition in support of protecting the health of children.

Three reasons you should stand with us to restrict smoking in vehicles when children are present:

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke;
According to a Harvard School of Public Health study, "alarming" levels of secondhand smoke are generated in just under five minutes in a vehicle; and
In Vermont, one out of three youth were in car with a smoker in the last week.
We need your help to raise awareness of this public health problem with Vermont lawmakers. Please take a minute to sign our petition in support of passing H.70.

2014 Public Policy Priorities:

The American Lung Association believes that protection of lung health and a sound energy policy are compatible goals that require an emphasis on energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of cleaner energy resources. Certain energy practices place a healthy toll on human health and the environment impacting the lives of Americans, including the most vulnerable to harm. To that end, the Lung Association submitted these comments to the Department of Public Service about the state’s comprehensive energy plan last October. We also submitted these comments to the Biomass Energy Working Group about its final draft report.

Read the American Lung Association’s Energy Position Statement and the potential impacts on lung health.

For questions about current legislation, contact Rebecca Ryan, Director, Health Promotion and Public Policy for the American Lung Association in Vermont.