Teen Facilitator

The American Lung Association would like to work with you and one of your school or community based clubs to help you get some skill building experience and to remain tobacco free.


  1. Passion for helping to prevent kids from using tobacco products;
  2. Have knowledge or a willingness to learn about tobacco-related issues;
  3. Maintain a smoke-free lifestyle (and have so for over a year); and
  4. Can make a time commitment to participating in 8 hours of training and another 8 preparing for and creating your own presentations.


  1. Attend entire training session for teen facilitators (about 8 hours of training).
  2. Follow guidelines for conducting program.
  3. Prepare in advance for each presentation for youth.  Material needs to be well organized, and a sufficient number of handouts must be available for all participants.
  4. Organize the logistics of your presentation with the school/community organization with which you are working (American Lung Association and your adult facilitator will help you out with this).
  5. Conduct your youth training/presentation for 100 youth.
  6. Complete and submit tracking and evaluation data to your American Lung Association contact person and/or your adult facilitator on a regular and timely basis.

Time Commitment:

  1. Conduct at least one 30 – 45 minute presentation. (We are asking all T.A.T.U.℠ Teen Facilitators to reach approximately 100 community youth, so this may be in 1 large session or 5 smaller ones or anything in between).
  2. Meet with fellow T.A.T.U.℠ teen facilitators and your adult facilitator on a regular basis to prepare and conduct presentations and advocacy activities.


  1. Great skill building opportunity! (Looks great on college applications and resumes!)
  2. Help prevent young kids from using tobacco products.
  3. Fulfill your community service obligations for graduation.

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