Adult Facilitators

We need Adult Facilitators for our program.


  1. Can facilitate a group of adolescents in an enthusiastic, caring manner;
  2. Have knowledge or a willingness to learn about tobacco-related issues;
  3. Maintain a smoke-free lifestyle; and
  4. Can make a time commitment to participating in 8 hours of training and another 10 – 16 hours training teens and empowering them to be community leaders.


  1. Attend entire training session for facilitators (full day of training, or 2 half days).
  2. Follow guidelines for conducting program as outlined in the T.A.T.U.℠ manual.
  3. Prepare in advance for each session with your group of teens. Material needs to be well organized, and a sufficient number of handouts must be available for all participants.
  4. Plan recruitment strategies to get teens into the program (with the assistance of A.L.A.).
  5. Educate school personnel about T.A.T.U.℠ to facilitate scheduling and cooperation.
  6. Conduct teen training.
  7. Meet with teens on a pre-arranged schedule to prepare and conduct presentations and advocacy activities.
  8. Complete and submit tracking and evaluation data to your American Lung Association contact person on a regular basis (at least yearly).


  1. Conduct at least one teen training (with 10 - 15 teens).
  2. Meet with teens on a regular basis to prepare and conduct presentations and advocacy activities.


  1. The opportunity to help teens remain tobacco-free and develop a healthy lifestyle.
  2. The opportunity to participate in a national program that will support the mission and goals of the American Lung Association.
  3. We are looking into options for continuing education credits for professionals but do not have these secured. We will keep you informed of our progress here.

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