American Lung Association Report Showcases Northeast Lung Disease Research

(November 2, 2012)

It’s been said that “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” The medical research supported by the American Lung Association does just that, by applying the most inventive and inquisitive medical minds to make a world free of lung disease a reality for future generations.

The American Lung Association Nationwide Research Program released its Research Awards Nationwide 2012-2013 report that highlights research supported by the Lung Association through its Asthma Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) and its Awards and Grants Program. This high quality research is funded with the goal of discovering effective prevention and treatment strategies as well as cures for lung disease.  Read the full press release.

Research Awards Nationwide 2012 – 2013 is available online as a database of funded research searchable by topic, state or type of grant.  Search the report to see the crucial research taking place throughout the Northeast.  The American Lung Association of the Northeast is delighted to be able to directly co-fund important selected projects.  One such project, highlighted in the online searchable report, is funded by the Massachusetts’s Pulmonary Section and seeks to advance our understanding of lung progenitor cell biology and develop the approaches needed for the generation of functional transplantable lung tissue from autologous human pluripotent stem cells.   The research, led by Finn Hawkins, MB, BCh, BAO, from Boston University, offers the hope for future clinical translation to directly improve the lives of patients. 

See the MSB Research and Grants webpage to see how you can support the program.  Don’t forget that applications for funding through the Awards and Grants program for 2013 are due by November 8!