New Asthma Resources for School Nurses

(July 26, 2012)

School nurses are often the first line of defense in an event of an asthma emergency. Be ready for the upcoming school year with a little help from the American Lung Association. Resources and tools are available to help you prepare students and their families for another school year with asthma. Go to to find out more about available resources and tools for school nurses. For answers to your asthma or lung health questions, call 1-800-LungUSA (1-800-586-4872).

The NHLBI’s National Asthma Education Prevention Program recommends that all students with asthma in school have an asthma action plan on file. While it can be challenging to collect asthma action plans, the American Lung Association has the resources to support your efforts. Find a sample letter to guardians of children with asthma, sample asthma action plan, and asthma action plan policy template. Are you in need of more resources for your school? Go to today!

The American Lung Association’s Lung HelpLine is manned by respiratory therapists and nurses who are ready to answer your asthma or lung health questions.  Call 1-800-LungUSA (1-800-586-4872).