Set Your Sights on the Skyline - Fall 2012 Stair Climbs

(July 26, 2012)

Fall in love with the American Lung Association’s premier fundraising events by registering today! Stair climb “vertical marathons” are sweeping the country and we want YOU at our starting line.

Set your sights on the skyline with this unique climb experience- Elite climbers begin each race by scaling the stairwell first, followed by runners and leisure walkers. Finally, fire fighters compete for a trophy by climbing the stairs in full gear. These events are significant because they challenge both the muscles and lungs, impacting the respiratory system of all ages, genders, and fitness abilities. They successfully reinforce our mission to improve lung health and prevent lung disease, by encouraging all to remain active and healthy.

In addition to the fitness component, our stair climb events bring together a community of those personally affected by lung related illnesses. The climbs provide a home for individuals who wish to honor loved ones who have passed away or who are currently struggling to breathe. Many participants use the challenge to celebrate quitting smoking or to showcase their strides while living with asthma.

There are three Fall 2012 events happening in a stairwell near you: Register with the discount code “MSB4U” and receive $10 off of the $35 sign-up fee! *Each participant is required to raise a fundraising minimum of $100, due by the date of the event. Proceeds raised from the event directly support programs and services, advocacy, research, and education for the American Lung Association. To find out how you can get involved, please visit today.
American Lung Association of the Northeast Fall Stair Climbs

  • Fight For Air Climb: Tackle Trump Parc, Stamford CT
  • Fight For Air Climb: Rochester, NY
  • Fight For Air Climb: Climb Springfield, MA