Treatment Specialists

Certification of trained Tobacco Treatment Specialists in Maine is overseen by the American Lung Association of the Northeast (ALANE). 

The Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS-C)

A Tobacco Treatment Specialist is a professional who possesses the skills, knowledge and training to provide effective, evidence-based interventions for tobacco dependence across a range of intensities. The TTS may have various professional affiliations and may work in a variety of settings including but not limited to hospitals, community health centers, HMOs, medical and dental practices, educational settings, social service agencies, tobacco treatment centers, telephone quitlines, drug abuse treatment programs and mental health centers. The TTS may engage not only in providing treatment but also in educating others (health care professionals, administrators, scientists, tobacco users, nonsmokers) about tobacco dependence treatments.  (

ALANE oversees a Commission of 6-7 certified tobacco treatment specialists and others with relevant expertise in counseling and tobacco treatment to oversee the certification of qualified individuals as certified tobacco treatment specialists in Maine.

Purpose of Certification

Ensure that candidates for certification are providing quality care based on evidence based practices as outline in the USPHS Tobacco Treatment and Dependence Guideline and other valid and current research supporting tobacco treatment interventions for clients and patients.

Provide quality assurance to clients, third party payers, employers, and referring health care providers.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Resident of Maine, or working in Maine
  • Candidate will have been tobacco free for a minimum of one year.
  • Completed the following:
    • Basic Skills training
    • 2-day Tobacco Intervention: Intensive Skills Training
    • 2-day Tobacco Treatment Conference conducted by MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence (funded by Maine DHHS, Maine CDC, Partnership for A Tobacco-Free Maine)
    • Or its equivalent within two years of applying.
  • Documented hours of tobacco treatment over three year span
    • Tobacco Treatment intervention as defined by the current USPHS Guideline

       Experience/Education Hours of Tobacco Treatment Over Three Year Span **
       Health related Masters prepared, or higher or licensed health care professional where counseling is emphasized  240
       4 year Health related degree  360
       2 year Technical degree in Nursing or Respiratory Therapy  480

If you feel you have exceptional background in intensive tobacco treatment but not able to meet the criteria for hours of tobacco treatment, please contact Lee Gilman at ALANE.

Certification Process – Each step must be completed in this sequence within two years of attending the Intensive Tobacco Treatment Training and Conference:

  1. Complete Basic Skills training and 4 day Intensive Tobacco Treatment Training & Conference or another ATTUD accredited training program within 2 years.
  2. Register for the TTS-C written certification exam
    1. Postmarked by August 15th
    2. Include payment  of $150.00
  3. Complete and pass TTS-C certification exam (September-October)
    1. Minimum passing grade of 70%.
    2. You will be notified of your standing (pass/fail) following exam
  4. Complete case study application, if passed exam
  5. Submit case study application (postmarked March 1st) to the Maine Commission for Tobacco Treatment Certification for review and acceptance.
    1. The application requires the documentation of your hours of tobacco counseling and treatment over three year period
      1. Hours may continue to be accrued up until May 1st when the case study is submitted.  Please explain your plan for accruing remaining hours on your case study application.
      2. It is suggested you begin considering potential clients for your case study.
  6. Once notified that your case study application has been accepted, begin preparing case study
    1. A rubric will be emailed for you to follow in preparing your case study.
  7. Submit case study, postmarked by May 1, to the Commission for their review and acceptance.
  8. Candidates will be notified when case study is accepted, successfully meeting criteria.
  9. During June, present case study before the Commission. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist.

Certification Examination

The exam consists of multiple choice and essay questions.  It is based on the Clinical Practice Guideline, and on core competencies:  Biology of Nicotine Dependence, Patient/Client Intake and Assessment, Counseling, Pharmacology of Tobacco Treatment, Treatment of Special Populations, Relapse Prevention, Organizational Needs.  

Program History

The American Lung Association of Maine, now the American Lung Association of the Northeast, (ALANE) worked in partnership with the Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI) and the Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine (PTM) to develop the Maine Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Program.  A key program element is the separation that exists between the training program and the certification process.  CTI is responsible for the training and ALANE is responsible for the certification process.  This was done to model other best practice professional certification programs and to avoid any conflicts that could result from a single entity being responsible for training and certification.

Supplemental Documents (Adobe Acrobat)

Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine Training Events

Maine Tobacco Treatment Specialist Code of Ethics

Maine Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Appeal and Grievance Policy

For More Information Contact

Lee Gilman at 207-624-0309 or