Freedom from Smoking Clinics

Community-based Freedom From Smoking® classes will help you learn how to overcome your tobacco addiction so you can enjoy the benefits of better health, extra money in your pocket and healthier relationships.

You'll learn about:

  • Medicines that can help you stop smoking
  • Lifestyle changes that make quitting easier
  • Preparing for Quit Day
  • Managing stress
  • Avoiding weight gain
  • Developing a new self-image
  • How to stay smoke-free for good

Freedom From Smoking (FFS) Clinics provide a group setting for adults to work through the quitting process. There are eight group sessions led by an expert who understands how hard it is for smokers to quit. This may sound like a lot of time but research has proven that the more time a smoker spends in a supportive situation, the more likely he or she is to succeed. People who use the program are six times more likely to be smoke-free one year later than those who quit on their own.

Upcoming Clinics

September 29, 2015

FFS Clinic, Manchester, CT
John A. DeQuattro Cancer Center
100 Haynes St., Manchester, CT 06040


CONTACT: Lee Tremback at (860) 533-2957 or (860) 655-9307

DATES:  9/29, 10/6, 13, 20, 22, 27, 11/3 & 11/10
TIME: 6:00-7:30PM