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Lung disease can literally take your breath away, often making even routine activities difficult. Our educational programs help you learn how to manage your symptoms so you can live the best quality of life possible and help children with asthma stay active so they can enjoy their childhood. Support groups like our Better Breathers program provide a forum for sharing information and health tips in a compassionate and caring environment.

We also offer a variety of prevention programs designed to raise awareness about risk factors that lead to lung disease, such as smoking and air pollution. Taking the necessary steps to protect your lungs today can seriously reduce your risk of developing diseases like lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema in the future.

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Flu information

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For additional flu information visit the Connecticut Department of Public Health Immunization Program Website.

Quitting smoking

Freedom From Smoking®

Freedom From Smoking® is specifically designed for adults who want to quit smoking. The program teaches the skills and techniques that have been proven to help smokers quit. Freedom From Smoking is available as a group clinic, an online program and a self-help book. Go to

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Not-On-Tobacco (N-O-T)TM

Not On Tobacco (N-O-T)TM helps teens 14 to 19 stop smoking, live healthier, and improve their life-management skills.

Vermont Not on Tobacco (N-O-T)TM information.

Asthma management for children

Open Airways For Schools®

Open Airways For Schools® is an award winning school-based curriculum that educates and empowers children through a fun and interactive approach to asthma self-management. It teaches children with asthma ages 8 to 11 how to detect the warning signs of asthma, avoid their triggers and make decisions about their health. Learn more about this program 

Champ Camp for Kids with Asthma

Kids with Asthma Experience the Fun and Excitement of Summer Camp. At Champ Camp for Kids with Asthma, 8 to 12-year-olds experience the excitement and fun of a week-long, co-ed summer camp in a safe, medically supervised environment at Camp Chingachgook on Lake George in New York. More

COPD and other lung diseases

Better Breathers Clubs

These free support groups meet regularly to give participants tips and techniques to manage their disease.  Better Breathers Clubs welcome adults with COPD, asthma and other chronic lung disorders. Click here to view a list of Better Breathers Clubs and other Respiratory Support Groups in your state.   If you or your organization are interesting in starting a Better Breathers Club in your area, please send an email to to request information and materials. Download the Better Breathers Club newsletter.

Lung Cancer Workshops

These workshops outline treatments for lung cancer. Experts also discuss side effects, side-effect management, and tools to overcome the social and emotional challenges of the diagnosis.

Health professionals training

We offer many training opportunities throughout the year including Asthma Educators Institute and COPD Educators Institute. We also offer training so you could help smokers quit and reduce healthcare costs by becoming a Freedom From Smoking (FFS) Facilitator. We also have the Healthy Choices Healthy Lungs program, a collection of materials you could use to help you teach children about healthy lungs, asthma, clean air, and the dangers of tobacco use. 

Healthy air

Woodstove Changeout Programs

Under this program you can receive a cash voucher for a discount on the purchase of a new wood, pellet or gas stove when you turn in your old (pre-1990) non-EPA certified woodstove. Available in limited areas of MA and NH. More

Idle-Free Northeast

Did you know every state in the Northeast has a law limiting vehicle idling? Vehicle exhaust, especially from diesel trucks, causes wheezing, coughing and headaches, and increases the risk of asthma attacks and lung cancer. Children, the elderly and those with chronic lung disease are especially vulnerable. More.

Medical & Scientific Branch

The Medical & Scientific Branch is a resource for information and networking for our region's health professionals working in lung health related fields. Learn more.

Lung HelpLine 1-800-LUNG-USA

We’re here to answer your lung health questions. Speak with a health care professional and get detailed and accurate answers to questions about:
• lung cancer • asthma • allergies • environmental health
• smoking cessation • emphysema

Call the American Lung Association Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNGUSA, submit a question online or click here to chat with a specialist.

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