Peter DeAngelis, Stage IV Lung Cancer Patient, Will Bike 160 Miles for Lung Association

DeAngelis gearing up to take part in this year’s AEBT along Cape Cod September 27-29

(August 12, 2013)

The American Lung Association of the Northeast’s annual Autumn Escape Bike Trek, presented by Sunovion, will be held on Cape Cod Friday, September 27 to Sunday, September 29. This year, 33-year old Peter DeAngelis of Johnston, Rhode Island, a Stage IV lung cancer patient is determined to finish the three-day ride to not only raise awareness about lung cancer, but set an example for others that “no matter what challenges a person may face, you can still make a difference.” DeAngelis, who has stage IV Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma in both of his lungs, also suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome.  He’s made it his personal mission to inspire others who face adversity to live each day to its fullest.

Peter DeAngelis AEBT photo

“I love cycling and am very excited about this ride,” says DeAngelis, a one-time BMX bike racer who first became involved with the Lung Association by participating in the Fight for Air Climb in Providence this past February. Buoyed by the sense of accomplishment he felt after completing the Fight for Air Climb, he decided to challenge himself in a different way.

“My goal at the climb was simply to finish and I accomplished that,” said DeAngelis. "What I didn’t expect was how many people would hear my story and be inspired. I have had complete strangers who are battling cancer email me and tell me that hearing my story encouraged them. To me, just one person telling me that is reason enough to keep going. By doing the Autumn Escape Bike Trek, I am hoping to raise money the Lung Association needs to help find better treatments and cures for lung cancer, but I am also doing it to give others who are facing lung cancer hope.”

“I will be riding a racing bike that was given to me 15 years ago and has a lot of sentimental value to me, ” explained DeAngelis. “It was given to me by Uncle Ronnie, who was an avid road racing athlete, and my Aunt Brenda, who was an activist in the early 70's for smokefree public places. It seems fitting that this be the bike I ride for an event supporting the Lung Association.”

DeAngelis recently visited Dash Bikes on Broadway in Providence and explained his story and how he needed to get his bike ready for the Trek. The shop generously donated a bike tune up to DeAngelis, outfitting the bike with new tires and brakes. As for DeAngelis’s lung cancer, he says it is currently stable. While the cancer it still there, his latest scan shows it has not grown. Once DeAngelis got clearance from his physician to participate, he began training for the ride in earnest.

The Autumn Escape Bike Trek (AEBT) attracts expert and novice cyclists alike and combines competition and leisure in a weekend filled with beautiful scenery, prizes, entertainment and support along the way. The event is held rain or shine. The Lung Association provides cyclists with overnight accommodations, medical and technical support, food and beverages. To register for AEBT, or to support the event by making a donation that can save lives, visit the event website at  To make a donation to support Peter DeAngelis, visit his personal fundraising page.