Medway’s “The Mechanix” Team Ready for Lung Association’s Autumn Escape Trek on Cape Cod

Team Co-Captain Ned Rothstein is Participating for 26th Year

(September 20, 2013)

Rothstein photoThe American Lung Association of the Northeast’s annual Autumn Escape Bike Trek presented by Sunovion, will be held on Cape Cod Friday, September 27 to Sunday, September 29. Medway resident Ned Rothstein will be celebrating his 26th year as part of the Autumn Escape Bike Trek (AEBT) and will join his wife Jennifer Weis-Rothstein and their friends Chris Carda and Sarah Roth, also Medway residents, on the 160-mile journey from Plymouth to Provincetown. The event raises money to support the Lung Association’s mission to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease; it’s a mission that’s very important to Rothstein, his wife and their entire team.

“Jennifer and I both have asthma, as do several other members of our family,” says Rothstein. “We both have a daily regimen of several medications to help keep us breathing as normally as we ever will, and there is always a rescue inhaler close by, for when those medications fail.  If it weren't for the work of the American Lung Association, there would not be as much research to help find a cure for this condition, or other forms of lung disease.  This is why we work hard to raise awareness about lung disease and raise funds every year to support the Lung Association through our participation in AEBT. Of course, the training helps keep our lungs in as good a shape as they will ever get”

The foursome makes up a team called “The Mechanix.” The Rothsteins named the team as such because both of them happen to be bike mechanics. Ned first became involved with the Trek 26 years ago; although an injury his first year led him to volunteer his services as a mechanic instead of riding. After volunteering for several years, Ned switched gears by riding in the event instead. He’s been riding for the past 21 years and his wife Jennifer has ridden for the last 11. After many years of participating on another team, they decided they wanted to form their own.

Serving as co-captains of their own team has been a new experience for the Rothsteins, but they’ve risen to the challenge.  Ned and Jennifer recently hosted the Lung Association at their workplace, MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, for an informational seminar about the Trek.  They held a bake sale at the same time which brought in over $400 to support their team.  They’ve raised additional funds by reaching out to friends and family over email and through social media sites such as Facebook. They’ve been communicating regularly with their team members and have their team shirts, patches and jackets ready to go.

“We ride not only for ourselves but also for others that are dear to us that have lung disease,” said Ned Rothstein. “We have friends and family who suffer much worse than we do, and we have lost friends and family to lung disease, including Jennifer’s mother to lung cancer.”

It could be said that the Autumn Escape Bike Trek is the perfect event for the Rothsteins.  In addition to their connection to lung disease, both of them are avid cyclists. The two met at work and discovered that they both shared a passion for cycling. Shortly thereafter, they began participating in cycling events together. The Rothsteins, however, would say that AEBT, which is suitable for cyclists of all abilities, is the perfect event for most everyone to get involved with.

“It is likely that you know someone who has or had some form of lung disease,” says Jennifer Weis-Rothstein.  “Lung disease is the number three killer in the United States.  The more of us who get involved in raising awareness about the importance of lung health, the closer we will be to putting an end to lung disease.”
AEBT attracts expert and novice cyclists alike and combines competition and leisure in a weekend filled with beautiful scenery, entertainment and support along the way. The event is held rain or shine. The American Lung Association provides cyclists with overnight accommodations, medical and technical support, food and beverages. To learn more about AEBT, or to support the event by making a donation that can save lives, visit the event website at  To make a donation to support The Mechanix, visit their personal fundraising page.