American Lung Association of the Northeast Applauds New Cleaner Gasoline and Vehicle Standards

The American Lung Association of the Northeast today applauded the Obama Administration for issuing the final cleaner gasoline and vehicle standards, also known as the Tier 3 Motor Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Standards. By significantly reducing tailpipe pollution from motor vehicles, as well as sulfur content in gasoline, the national standards will result in cleaner air and improved public health for communities throughout the Northeast and across the country.

 “Those who suffer from lung diseases like asthma as well as those who live, work and attend school near major roadways are especially vulnerable to the pollution that spews from cars, light trucks and SUVS,” said Jeff Seyler, President  & CEO of the American Lung Association of the Northeast.  “We are grateful that the Obama Administration and the EPA has finally put these cleaner standards into place.  Science has proved that it will improve public health and save lives.”

Lower sulfur gasoline cleans up every car on the road because their pollution control systems will work more efficiently immediately. Lower sulfur gasoline will reduce as much pollution from the current vehicle fleet as taking 33 million cars off the road.

Once fully implemented, these clean air protections will save up to 2,000 lives, and prevent 19,000 asthma attacks and nearly 300,000 missed days of work and school each year by 2030. As the Lung Association reported last year, independent economists estimate we could achieve these benefits for less than one cent per gallon of gasoline. 

The standards will reduce nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds, all of which are harmful pollutants themselves and important precursors of both ozone and particle pollution. Our State of the Air 2013 report found that more than 131.8 million people in the U.S. still live in counties that have unhealthy levels of either ozone or particle pollution, which equates to more than 4 in 10 people (42 percent).

The cleaner gasoline and vehicle standards have received support from a wide range of voices, including automakers, consumer groups and the medical community.  Most recently, the American Lung Association was joined by eight other national health and medical organizations in supporting cleaner gasoline and vehicle standards, as well as nearly 500 doctors, nurses and other health professionals who sent letters to President Obama urging him to approve these standards to protect public health.

With the signing of the standards today, the cleaner gasoline and cleaner vehicles will be ready in 2017.