Volunteer Spotlight: Marianne Wagner, RN

American Lung Association celebrates volunteer appreciation week

Springfield, MA (April 20, 2012)

Marianne Wagner, RNThe week of April 15th, 2012 is recognized as National Volunteer Week. The American Lung Association celebrates their beloved volunteers year-round, but recognizes truly exceptional volunteers on this occasion.

Marianna Wagner, RN, has been dubbed an “asthma champion” by those who know her, both personally and professionally. She works as a school nurse at Indian Orchard Elementary School in addition to her work spreading asthma awareness and education throughout the greater Springfield area. “Marianne is willing to step up and fill in wherever she sees a need or an opportunity to increase asthma awareness,” said Jeff Seyler, President & CEO for the American Lung Association of the Northeast.

Springfield is known to have asthma rates double the state average. Marianne has taken on a lead role in the Asthma Disparities Initiative in Springfield, an effort that the American Lung Association and the Pioneer Valley Asthma Coalition (PVAC) have been involved in. Through this initiative, she has been instrumental in the coordination of four “Open Airways for Schools” and one “Kickin’ Asthma” program as well as two parent education programs.

Marianne designed an "Asthma Report Card" for schools that offered various asthma education programs. Institutions that received high grades were awarded an asthma certificate on World Asthma Day. In addition, she has established an asthma resource center, which includes American Lung Association materials at a central location for Springfield school nurses. The support she provides for her fellow school nurses enables them to raise asthma awareness at each of their schools.

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