Puja and Pranava Kumar

Both my children are asthmatics since birth.  It has been quite a journey for me to get educated, learn and understand what lung disease is about.  My daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia twice and used to get severe asthma attacks.  She had 5 Emergency Room episodes where I was in a purely reactive state before I had the light bulb go off in my head that I need to manage this better and get in control of it.  That is when my education began.  Eight and a half years after my daughter was born, I had my son, and I was able to recognize that he too was an asthmatic at 4 months of age.   The difference is that this time I was better able to manage the situations.  I thought all was better and that I had a handle on things until my son was admitted into the ICU for his inability to breathe - all caused by a viral cold that triggered his asthma into such a severe state that he stopped responding to his meds.  So...another journey to learn about triggers and how to manage through those and prevent them from occurring.

Both my children are healthy now and own their own health management for the most part.  I am grateful for that and that we came through those tough times.  I value all the work that the American Lung Association does and look forward to supporting it in any way I can.  In the end, it's about leading lives of good health and quality - for my children and everyone else.