Lauren Elizabeth Terrazzano

My Daughter

In 2004, Lauren was 36 when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer. She was determined to fight hard, enduring chemotherapy and radiation treatments as well as the removal of a lung.

Lauren was a journalist for Newsday, and wrote about her experiences in a weekly column titled, "Life, with Cancer." She wanted people suffering with the disease to know that they were not alone, and she also wanted to educate the public about this highly stigmatized and misunderstood cancer.

Lauren lost her brave battle on May 15, 2007. For her mother, Ginny, and I, Lauren was our force of love, light and life. In tribute to Lauren, I co-wrote a biography about her with author Paul Lonardo. The book is titled "Life, with Cancer."

Your mom and dad love and miss you so much. - Frank Terrazzano