Donald P. Hatcher

In honor of Father's Day I would like to pay tribute to my father who died of lung cancer a little more than 2 years ago. He was diagnosed at the beginning of January 2010 and died on February 10, 2010. I learned a lot from my Dad over the years. When my siblings and I were younger, my father worked two jobs so that my mother would be home waiting for us after school. Despite being busy working, my father always found the time to go to my brother's hockey games and to build us a rink in our backyard so we could play hockey and skate with the neighborhood kids. I am fortunate to have inherited two of my father's finest qualities -- the ability to work hard and to take pride in whatever you do. Coming from a large family, my Dad taught me the importance of nurturing relationships with family and friends. I would be very proud to see these and his other great qualities inherited by his grandchildren.

-Kimberley Trainor