In-Kind Support

If you would like to support us and cash is out of the question, consider an "in-kind" gift. In-Kind gifts are payments made with in the form of good or services that do not involve cash. Examples of in-kind gifts include:

  • Equipment – We are always looking for anything for our offices that can improve our efficiency. Just some examples are: copiers, vehicle usage, office supplies and furniture
  • Technology Services – In order to keep us current, technology assistance is greatly appreciated. Support assistance, software, and computer equipment are just some of the possibilities.
  • Usage of Corporate Facilities or Services – We often need space to hold our events, programs or trainings. To cut down on costs, donations for this space and services included with it could drastically reduce expenses and help out bottom line. Please consider us for:  meeting space, office space, indoor or outdoor event space, parking, computer labs, catering, beverages
  • Print and/or Design Services – The American Lung Association has frequent use for brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, booklets and packets. Printing is a large cost in our marketing budget and any services associated with it. Do you have access to printing or design to fight lung disease? If so, let's talk!
  • Items for Raffles or Auctions – Your business probably has many items that can be used in a raffle or auction at one of our events. Your donations are terrific money-makers! Do you have any of the following you would like to contribute? Art, travel, décor, gift certificates, collectibles, services, sporting equipment, tickets, jewelry, etc. What else can you think of?