Corporate Giving

The American Lung Association relies on partnerships with businesses and companies to continue our work. There are numerous ways a business can become involved with the American Lung Association and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss and create unique possibilities that are just right for your corporate needs. Many of these options are tax deductible and offer terrific marketing opportunities for your company and its community outreach efforts.  

Cash Donations
Cash donations can be focused to most areas of lung disease of your choosing.
In-Kind Support
If you would like to support us and cash is out of the question, consider an "in-kind" gift. In-Kind gifts are payments made with in the form of good or services that do not involve cash.
Event Sponsorship
Support our many fundraising events and increase your visibility as a community leader. Events like Asthma Walks, Stair Climbs, Golf Tournaments, Dinners/Auctions, Bike Treks and Honor Luncheons are all seeking corporate under writing and offer excellent marketing opportunities and logo recognition.
Event Participation
Start a team at your business and take on lung disease with the help of your staff and employees.
Professional Services/Volunteers
Access to your staff's expertise or hands-on help. We are always seeking individuals who can assist us in day-to-day office activities, event help, knowledge or expertise.
Matching Gifts
Does your company have a Matching Gifts program? Matching Gifts are corporate donations that "match" an employee's donation or fund-raising efforts. Matching Gifts are simple and we can help you fill out any necessary paperwork.

If you have questions on any of the corporate opportunities above, contact us and we'd be happy to help. Call Cheryl Smoot at 1-800-231-5864 or email her at