Rebecca (Becki) Zills

Chair of the Regional Leadership Council

Rebecca (Becki) Zills, Chair of the Regional Leadership Council in Tennessee and member of the Midland States Charter Board of Directors, has found a new way to raise funds for the association. As a former employee of the Hospital Corporation of America, she participated in a company program that paid non-profits for hours when their employees volunteer in the community. So far, Becki has brought in $4,000 through this program along with additional matching gift funds.

As an Asthma patient, Becki has a special passion for the mission of the organization. Working through the association’s Leadership Council, she helped convince the Tennessee legislature to pass a COPD resolution. She also spearheaded an Asthma 123 staff training day for nursery school personnel in a suburb of Nashville.

Becki works tirelessly for the association raising funds, initiating corporate partnerships, and working on mission outreach projects. She often speaks at events, sharing her experiences as an asthma patient and ALA volunteer. As a Clinical Nurse Educator, she is passionate about good healthcare, the importance of clean air, and access to proper education for lung patients.

According to Gail Bost, Development Director, with the American Lung Association of the Midland States, “I know that whenever I need any help, I can always call on Becki. She is a joy to work with and an inspiration to those with lung disease and to those who work with her as well. It is a privilege to work with such a strong volunteer who is dedicated to our mission and shares her passion with others.”