Volunteer Spotlight


  • Bob Lauder Bob Lauder

    Bob sets an exceptional example of how individuals can utilize their personal talents to further the mission of ALAMS. » More

  • Beth Miller Beth Miller

    Beth Miller is committed to fighting for air and making a difference in lung health. » More

  • Amelia Priest Amelia Priest

    Amelia Priest served as a volunteer for the Smoke-free Kentucky campaign, offering grassroots, media and administrative support. » More

  • Jan Roberts Jan Roberts

    Jan Roberts, an ALA volunteer since the early 2000's, knows all about asthma. » More

  • Lobelia Samavati Samavati-90X90

    Funded with a Biomedical Research Grant, her project is: How Immune System Works Differently in Sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disorder that can affect multiple organs throughout the body. » More

  • Therese Smith Therese Smith

    The White House honored eleven people who are working on the front lines to protect public health in a changing climate as "Champions of Change". One of those is American Lung Association of the Midland States volunteer, Therese Smith. » More

  • Joshua Solomon Joshua Solomon

    Joshua volunters for ALA because it is devoted to issues that matter, such as clean air and healthy lungs. » More

  • Mrs. Virginia Trigilio's Sixth Grade Class Mrs. Virginia Trigilio sixth grade
    St. Joseph School

    After studying the respiratory system under the instruction of their science teacher, Mrs. Virginia Trigilio, they felt inspired to do something tangible to stamp out lung disease. » More

  • Martin Wilford Picture of Martin Wilford

    Wilford has been instrumental in re-branding the Midland States' regional “Lung Walk” campaign. » More

  • Chris Sanders Chris Sanders

    Former NFL Titan led Nashville Christmas Seal campaign in the fight against lung disease. » More

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